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Special Products
[ALPIN Crystalliser] [ALPIN Paint Remover] [Oil-Stain Remover] [ Rust Converter for Granites][Marble Grout-Residue Remover] [MarbleStain Bleacher] 
ALPIN Crystalliser 

Makes marble floors more abrasionproof, shiny, dirt repellent and easy-to-care. Work with a heavy, slowly moving single-pulley machine and a fine special steel wool. 
Contents: 1/5 liter

ALPIN Paint Remover 

Removes laquer and dispersion paint stains on ceramics and all natural stones.  
Coverage: depending on thickness of layers. 
Contents: 750 ml/2 liter

Oil-Stain Remover 

Removes oil and grease stains on concrete, natural and artificial stone floors, as well as tiles and Cotto. 
Contents: 250 ml

Rust Converter for Granites 

For the removal and conversion of rust on granites. Preserves and prevents getting rusty again. 
Contents: 250 ml

Marble Grout-Residue Remover 

Removes fine cement and lime veils on marble or other natural stones e.g. travertin, Solnhofen stone, terrazzo etc. 
Coverage: 30-50 ml/m² 
Contents: 1 liter

Marble-stain Bleacher 

Removes coffee, tea, wine, coke stains and other organic coloured spots on marble, travertin and terrazzo floors. Not suitable for the removal of stains on oil or grease basis. 
Contents: 250 ml