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Terracotta Products
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Special programme for treatment
and maintenance of Terracotta floors
  Terracotta - Using Instructions
Tile Protection = Grouting Aid 

Liquid, ready-for-use concentrate for the protection against soiling of the joints of Cotto, unglazed tiles and natural stone. Apply in the evening, fill-in joints in the morning, curing time 2-3 days. 
Coverage: 70-150 ml/m² 
Contents: 1/5 liter

Grouting Aid
Grout-Residue Remover (SR) 

Active, acidic detergent for tiles, clay and Cotto tiles, fine porzelain gres, clinker, natural stones and concrete blocks. Removes lime efflorescences, cement veils, residual concrete and mortar. Wet floor first, curing time approx. 5 days. Underfloor heating accelerates drying. Protect against soiling with corrugated cardboard. Do not use for marble. 
Coverage: approx. 100-200 ml/m² 
Contents: 1/5 liter 


Grout-Residue Remover
Natural Treatment method 
of Terracotta floors 
- with colour enhancement -
Conventional Treatment method 
of Terracotta floors 
- without change of colour -